5 Ways To Keep Your Decluttering Eco-Friendly

5 Ways To Keep Your Decluttering Eco-Friendly

- Guest Post By Alice Robertson -

Decluttering mania is sweeping the nation. More people are turning away from a materialistic lifestyle and choosing to streamline their life and possessions. This push toward minimalism and simplicity has the potential to revolutionize the way future generations think about consumption, and the consequences of this for the environment could be huge: fewer resources used, more ethical and long-lasting products prioritized, and fewer items ending up in a landfill.

However, it’s not enough to simply toss everything into a box. If not done carefully, decluttering will do little to preserve the environment. So, here are a few simple ways to make sure your decluttering drive remains eco-friendly and environmentally sound.

Sell or Donate Where Possible

The most environmentally friendly thing you can do with an unwanted item is to ensure that it finds a new home. Only throw away an item if it is broken or damaged, or if you can’t find anyone for it to go to. If it’s still usable but unlikely to fetch any money, use a service like FreeCycle to simply give it to a home that wants it.

Know Your Recycling 

Make sure you know how to recycle big items. For example, electronics should be taken to a certified electronics processor, where they will be able to salvage and re-use the metals and components. Bedding such as pillows and duvets/comforters are usually not recyclable but can be donated to animal shelters. Mattresses can usually be processed in bulk recycling centers. If you are in doubt about how to recycle something, call a recycling center or look it up online.

Go Digital

Do you still have a CD, DVD, or VHS collection taking up space on your shelves? Now might be the perfect time to embrace the digital revolution and accept you are unlikely to use these again. You can also digitize old home videos using a converter and scan old photo collections. Feel free to keep any physical items with unique sentimental value, but get rid of the bulk. As always, recycle, sell, or donate everything you can.

Get the Right Cleaning Tools

Once the decluttering is finished, you will need to maintain your space. Use eco-friendly cleaning products — New York Magazine has a guide to the some of the best ones or make your own with household items like baking soda and vinegar. Also, consider buying a more powerful commercial vacuum cleaner, which will save both time and electricity to get the job done faster.

Stay Organized

Decluttering is not just about getting rid of things. The way you choose to arrange and organize the stuff you do keep makes a huge difference to the overall feel of a space. A classic example is the tangle of cables that seems to take root around every outlet. Many of our handmade leather goods are designed to keep your chargers, headphones, and other cables tidy — check out The Loop, The Crew, and The Wrap for elegant solutions.

Finally, always keep in mind why you are doing this. The point isn’t to get rid of as much as you can, and in fact, this sort of attitude could just end up with you buying new versions of the things you threw away but still wanted. Minimalism isn’t about living in an empty room with bare walls and one bed in the middle: it’s about buying less, buying better, and loving what you have.

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