Born and raised in Los Angeles, we are committed to designing and crafting leather goods that cultivate distinctiveness in every piece. Our mission is to provide you with everyday essentials that are functional, well designed, and affordable. Go about your day in the most stylish and organized fashion with

The Goods - A Step Above The Best


We believe customers should have the transparency in knowing where their products are made and what materials are being used.

All of our leather is sourced in the United States. All the leather products are handmade in the United States by skilled craftsmen in our own workshop. We use full grain vegetable tanned cowhide leather which are long-lasting, rugged, natural, and involves no additional processing. The natural property of the leather means no two products are ever the same as marks and grains of the leather are always different.

Our products withstand time and use while being reasonably priced. Browse through our collections, and if a product does catch your eye, put it to the test and watch it become even more beautiful with age.