A Valentine’s Day Leather Gift List

A Valentine’s Day Leather Gift List

Ever since the first Valentine’s Day was celebrated back in Rome, loved ones have spent the days before searching high and low for the perfect gift; one that would relay the depth of their feelings in a way that will bring them lasting memories. If you’re looking for that special something that they will treasure for many years, and you don’t want any ordinary present. You don’t want to give something that is only a copy of what everyone else is giving. You want something that goes beyond showing how you feel but also that will be practical enough to slip seamlessly into their daily life, serving as a reminder of what they mean to you while you’re apart.

There are few things in this world that can accomplish all of that and one of the most valuable is leather. All of us know that this is not just a gift that will be appreciated for a few days, or even a few months, but will last for years, maybe even decades. Unlike a box of chocolate or flowers, leather is a way of saying that you want that person to be with you for the long haul. So, we decided to give you just a few suggestions that will put a whole new spin on Valentine’s Day; a day where leather can make it special for both men and women.

The Strap

You can send them a message that will last for a lifetime. The Strap is the perfect addition to anyone’s life. The all-leather bracelet has the famous quote embedded in the vegetable tanned hide. Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.” A powerful message that will serve as a reminder that one must recognize and value what is most precious to them every day of their lives.

It comes in 14, 16, and 18-inch lengths so you can be confident that it will fit anyone you give it to. With magnetic clasps, and the ability to add your own personalized message, this cool bracelet will catch anyone’s eye. It is the perfect idea to say what you want in a meaningful and lasting way. 

The Chord

Other than The Strap, you also have a similar option but specifically for the music lover. The Chord offers another unique twist to the old-fashioned bracelet. With a string of basic jazz and guitar chords embedded on the surface, the message you send will sing to them; the ideal gift for beginners and for music aficionados as well. Beginners can use it as a cheat sheet while the more professional musicians will just enjoy the friendly reminders it gives. Whatever you choose for that special person, you can bet that the Chord will fit the bill.

The Flake

If you're gifting to a home person, which they like to make coffee, tea, or cocktails occasionally and loves a good home decor, The Flake would be a great one for the colder months (or year round since it looks good no matter when). The snow flake shaped coasters would be the perfect addition to any interior design that enhance the look and the experience of making a homemade drink. 

The Ursa

When you want to bring out the child in someone, a beautiful leather teddy bear key chain is exactly what you need. Its simple design doesn’t detract from its functionality. It makes for an ideal gift for both men and women. Not only is it beautifully crafted, but it will go with them no matter where they want to go, constantly reminding them of those wonderful childhood memories they may have hidden away in the back of their minds.

When you give any handcrafted leather gift from us, you give more than what can only be seen through the eyes; you also give the gift of time. The depth of your feelings is clear in the long-lasting leather and will remain a keepsake long after all the other gifts they received have faded from memory. Keep in mind that every leather product from us is made from beautiful vegetable tanned cowhide that has been specifically crafted to withstand the test of time. That means the years of abuse, exposure to various weather climates, and just plain old wear and tear will have no lasting effect on it.

Our team of craftsmen understands the importance of Valentine’s Day and value the privilege we have to share it with you. Everything we provide is made to last and is kept in its purely natural state. So, when you give your gift, you know you’re giving uncompromised quality that will likely be around for generations. When you are searching for that special gift for someone, make sure that you give a gift that will serve as a true reminder of what they mean to you, never compromising.

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