Christmas Travelling Guide

Christmas Travelling Guide

Christmas is one of the busiest time to travel, everyone is trying to get home to reunite with their families. In order to be fully prepared for this hassle, we came up with some tips for packing and prepping before the trip just to make your life a little easier. 

Tip 1 : Research The Weather 

It is always annoying to bring the wrong attire and you are either freezing or sweating. Give it a quick Google search or the traditional way, call home and ask how the weather is in order to avoid making the simple mistake. Planning the outfits according to the weather can also prevent over packing stuff that you never end up using.  


Tip 2 : Bring Medication that You're Familiar with

It is easy to catch a cold while traveling, bring some medication that you are familiar with on the trip for any occasion that might happen. Medicine such as motion sickness pill, stomach medication, allergy medication and vitamins...etc to prevent getting sick. 


Tip 3 : Roll Your Clothes

Rolling your clothes not only prevents wrinkling your clothes on the way, you can also identify all your clothing easier if you decide that your suitcase is going to be your closet throughout the trip.



Tip 4 : Everything Travel Size

Can't stress enough how convenient it is to put your daily essentials into travel size containers. It not only saves space, weight, but it also prevents you from breaking TSA regulation. Don't forget to put it in a transparent bag/ container if you are putting it in a carry-on suitcase.  

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Tip 5 : Take Vitamins, Sleep Early, and Eat Well

It sucks the most to get sick when you're traveling, not only does the long flights get worse to bare with, it is the worst when you can't taste the delicious Christmas meal cause your nose is stuff. What a bummer! 



Tip 6 : Create a Travel Packing List 

By creating a list, you can easily follow the list and pack every time without forgetting anything for the trip. Feel free to use our simple list of essentials we created for you to pack according to this Christmas.  


We hope these tips would make travelling a little easier, after all, the most important element of Christmas break is to spend quality time with family and friends. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Have a Good trip! 

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