Halloween Inspired Cocktails That Steps Up Your Game

Halloween Inspired Cocktails That Steps Up Your Game

Halloween is right around the corner and trick and treats aside, Halloween themed cocktails would definitely be the highlight of your Halloween party, it's all about the "booze" after all, am I right?

The Goods came up with these spook-tacular cocktails that is easy to make and the flavors would impress the ladies for sure.

Disclaimer: No staff was harmed during the testing process but they might be dressing up as drunkies for Halloween. 


Fruity Eyeballs


Makes 8 Servings

- 8 Blackberries, Bluberries, Raspberries, or Cherries of your choice

- 8 Canned Lychee 


- Drains the canned lychees and keep some juice to add to the cocktails if you want

- Stuff the lychee with the berry of your choice and the decor is done! 

Quick Tip: You can also freeze these and use it as ice-cubes for the drinks.


Bloody Devil Punch

Makes 2 servings 


- 10 - 20 Blackberries,Blueberries, or Strawberries of your choice (We are using Blackberries)

- 3 tbsp Sugar (1 tbsp for cocktail, 2 tbsp for decor)

-1 drop Red Food Coloring (you can substitute this with red sprinkles) 

- 10 ounces Pomegranate Juice 

- 6 ounces Your favorite vodka (you can use black vodka or other hard liquor too)

- 1- 2 cups Sparkling water 

-4 Fruity Eyeballs


- Put 1 drop of red food coloring into 2 tbsp of sugar and mix it thoroughly so it's not stick together and create a sand like texture ( you can simply substitute this with red sprinkles) 

- Put a little water on the rim of your cocktail glass and dip it in the red sugar to create a red sugar rim

- Mash up the berries with 1 tbsp of sugar to dissolve the sugar and put it in the bottom of the cups 

- Add vodka and pomegranate juice to each cup, mix it well

- Add ice-cubes and sparkling water almost to the top (don't go up to the rim or else the decor sugar would dissolve) 

- Add the fruity eyeballs on top and viola it's done! 


Frankenstein's Buzz

Makes 2 servings 


- 2 teaspoon Matcha powder 

- 2 ounces Honey 

- 2-4 ounces Your favorite vodka (you can use other hard liquor too)

- 2 ounces Lime juice 

 - 2 cups Sparkling Water 

- 4 Fruity Eyeball or Lime Slices 


- Put everything except the sparkling water in a shaker and shake it vigorously 

- Pour it into the cups with ice and use the sparkling water to rinse the excess matcha in the shaker and pour it into the cup as well

- Put some fruity eyeballs or a lime slice on top and viola it's done! 


These cocktails' ingredients and amount could always be adjusted to your liking, recipes are just a reference but you do whatever you like. This is how The Goods do Halloween and definitely more to come for the upcoming holiday season, STAY TUNED! 

Happy Halloween and hopefully you are not the one dressing up as a drunkie. 




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