Steps To Start Your Decluttering Process

Steps To Start Your Decluttering Process

Summer is officially here, probably a good time to start sorting out the clutter in your space and clean before all the stuff retains heat during the hot Summer. Parting from your curated stuff could be hard. Here’s a few tips that will hopefully inspire and help you to start a decluttering process within yourself and your space before a deep clean.

Before the process - Inspire & Motivate Yourself

Decluttering can be a tedious task that is always on your to-do list but always the last thing you actually get to. Here’s a couple ways that could hopefully motivate you to start clearing out your space.

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  • Invite friends over, hopefully some that you’re not that close with. Since if you’re too comfortable with the friends you invite over, you’re most likely going to end up not cleaning
  • Go online and look at organizational accounts and transformation videos that inspires you, collect and save photos or methods that you think would do well in your space
  • Take pictures of your space. Taking photos would definitely help you see the clutter that you tend to ignore daily
  • Start planning a declutter schedule that is achievable
  • Look at home decors & furniture you want, but you can’t buy it until you sort your whole space
  • Take a look at all the "stuff" you own, see if you actually use it and does it add value to your life? 

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Mistakes to Avoid -

Buying Storage Ahead / Or Buying All At Once

Buying storage before you declutter? Been there done that, not the smartest thing to do. Decluttering and cleaning should come first, since you don’t know how much you’re going to downsize, you may end up not needing to buy any storage.

If you do, you should add pieces slowly after the decluttering process, by buying a couple pieces at a time so you can test out what works best.

Unachievable Schedule

“I’m going to dedicate this WHOLE Sunday to decluttering & cleaning, waking up at 8am and have everything perfectly organized by 8pm.”

Sounds familiar? Yea, you know you're not going to wake up at 8 am on a  Sunday to declutter so let’s do something more achievable. Maybe something like spend 2 hours to tackle the kitchen pantry today, or dedicate 20 mins everyday to declutter. 

I’ll Donate / Throw This Out Tomorrow or Some Other Day

Complete your task completely, since you’re most likely to leave it hanging out for a while before you actually take it out. Why not just finish it now and feel fresh once your space is a little more decluttered. It makes a big difference and might even motivate you to get more done.


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Though minimalism are one of the “trends” these days, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have limited yourself to only own a certain number of pieces of clothing, or keeping only one set of utensils for yourself.

The declutter process should be more of a mindful process of going through your space and see what are the items that you actually love & use and what items are impulse purchases that are never used and you should just sell or give it away.

Hopefully by clearing out your space, you would feel less cluttered and free surrounded by the minimal amount of essential items that you value.

Remember, this isn’t a one time process, but once you have the jump start and getting rid of most of the clutter, it’ll be easier to maintain in the future.

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