Thanksgiving Weekend Travel Packing Guide

Thanksgiving Weekend Travel Packing Guide

Thanksgiving weekend is one of the busiest traveling time of the year other than Christmas, it is the time to travel home and reunite with the family shortly before Christmas. Whether you're only a couple miles away or you have to fly across the country, packing is always a pain in the ass. 

Here's our tips on how to pack for a small trip bringing the minimal essentials and remain some space for the crazy Black Friday shopping. 

Tip 1. Plan Outfits 

Plan your outfits ahead so you can bring the least items to mix and match together without throwing in clothes that doesn't match with the rest. 

Tip 2. Roll Your Clothes

Rolling your clothes or folding it into small cubes would not only save space but it is also easy to identify and take out without making a mess with the rest. 

Tip 3. Use Samples Or Put Products Into Small Travel Containers 

Dig out the samples you got when purchasing products or simply buy some travel containers and put your daily necessities in it so you wouldn't need to bring the full size and the volume would be under TSA regulations.


Most importantly is to travel safe and spend quality time with your family. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 


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