The Mobile Office

The Mobile Office

When you are looking to outfit an office there are a lot of ways you can go. Much of the end result will depend on the statement you want to make. If you’re leaning more towards the traditional and classic style of décor, then leather accessories are the way to go. Their classic designs are the perfect way to give your working space a touch of class.

While a mobile office needs to be flexible and adaptable to a changing environment, the same rules can still apply. Even if you don’t have a brick and mortar corner to hang your shingle, there is something about having a little leather in your repertoire that gains people’s respect. Below, we have listed a number of practical yet stylish leather accessories that will not only help you to get the job done, but demand respect from those around you.

The Wrap

If you are accustomed to running your business on the go, then The Wrap is a must have. A convenient tool to keep all of your electrical accessories tackled, no longer will you have to fish through bags and briefcases to find what you need. The Wrap could be used on more than USB cords, we use it on earbuds all the time since it can be attached when you're running at the gym and you don't have to worry about losing it.

The Combo

The Combo takes organization a step further by making it possible to keep track of even more cords and cables. Not only will you have a secure place for the USB cord and earbuds, you’ll also have a conveniently handy place for your computer power cables. This will make it possible for you to hook-up and get to work no matter where you are.

The Nota Bene

For the super busy person, those who are creative, and those that are just plain on the run, the Nota Bene is the solution to scheduling problems. The leather bound note pad comes with 2 business card slots and a handy pen slot on the side. Keep your calendar with all your appointments in it, or just use it as a handy spot to keep all of your notes and thoughts you have throughout the day. Whatever you decide, the Nota Bene will definitely catch people’s eyes and label them as someone with class.

The Heir

When there is a need to be constantly on the go and there is no other option than to work as they move through life, The Heir is the ideal solution. The handy leather bag not only looks great as you sport your way around town, it is large enough to discreetly hold your laptop, phone, and everything that goes with them. Designed specifically for those who have little to no time to slow down, it offers more than good looks. With ergonomic handles making it easy to carry, and extra pockets to accommodate everything else that must go with you, this bag will make its own statement to the world.

The Flip

For those who would prefer to have a clutch rather than a large bag, The Flip is the answer. With their name embossed right into the leather, there will be no question as to who it belongs to. Large enough to carry a laptop, it is capable of ensuring that everything needed is safe and protected from harm. It has even been designed to protect your devices from damage even if there is an unfortunate accident.

The Shell

And for the person that wants a more hands free bag to manage everything in their mobile office, The Shell is a unique option. This hard shell backpack is not for kids. The sturdy black leather is designed to get you through every day with ease. Whether it is for school or business meetings, it is versatile enough to go anywhere and handle anything. Ergonomic adjustable straps ensure that you are comfortable when wearing it and its durable buckles ensure that your belongings will be completely secure so they will weather whatever travels you have with ease.

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