Thoughts from the Workshop: Why Leather Products Work for Everyday Living

Thoughts from the Workshop: Why Leather Products Work for Everyday Living

We at The Goods are all about designing distinctive leather products that merge functionality with minimalism, simplify lives, and surprise without being superfluous. In a rapid-cycling trend landscape dominated by fast fashion, leather lends a quality that’s refreshingly classic-unsurprising, considering its origins are literally ancient. 

At our workshop in sunny Los Angeles, exploring leather’s potential to elevate everyday objects made for busy lifestyles is a daily endeavor. Here are a few thoughts on why we think leather is the perfect vehicle for sleek, detailed, wearable design, and how that mindset presents in the custom leather goods we craft.

A Sophisticated Touch

There’s a reason swapping out a Velcro wallet for your first-ever leather one qualifies as a rite of passage. (We’re also willing to bet you could practically hear that Velcro wallet opening as you read that sentence.) Similarly, taking the leap from your entry-level polyurethane pleather jacket to one made out of the real deal feels (and smells) like an all-around level up. The list goes on.

Something about owning your first leather accessories makes you feel so darn grown up… so much so that we’re inspired to create custom leather goods that borrow from childhood staples.

THE SHELLYour textbook-toting days are long gone—fortunately, this sleek, timeless backpack is made for grown-up adventures.

THE URSAA familiar friend makes the transition from cradle to keychain.

Serious Lasting Power

To say that leather products are built to last is an understatement. Here’s some food for thought: the oldest leather shoe discovered is estimated to be 5,500 years old. This well-preserved, ancient artifact, while delicate and unwearable due to age, still looks more-or-less like leather… and a shoe.

Leather is sturdy and tough. It holds structure well and withstands the jolts and jostles of your day-to-day. It’s a practical material for practical objects. And the best part: leather wears really well, its finish only getting better with age. With these points in mind, we designed these strikingly minimal accessories to simplify everyday life—pieces intended to hold up against regular, long-term use. 

THE LOOPThis sturdy-but-streamlined organizer for MacBook charger cords is a godsend for those perpetually on the move.

THE HEIRA classic carry-all built to survive everyday use.

Next-Level Versatility

We expect to find leather products in the form of wallets, clutches, and travel items… but how often do we see it in the kitchen and home (couches and chairs aside, of course)? Leather’s dependability and durability make it an ideal springboard for a touch of the unexpected in everyday household items.

We jumped at the opportunity to use leather to elevate the mundane.

THE SLICE Leather lends a touch of style and substance, particularly when used in unorthodox contexts such as the handy strap on our birch cutting board.


THE SNIFF A leather tissue box won’t distract from your home aesthetic like its disposable cardboard counterparts, but it certainly warrants a second glance.

Accessible Design at a Sensible Price Point

We’re of the mindset that incorporating usable, timeless design into your everyday life need not come with a jaw-dropping price tag. In order for a lifestyle item to be functional, it should first be accessible. We used durable, full grain, vegetable-tanned leather to produce these pieces, incorporating them with details that delight and surprise… sans sticker shock. 

THE STRAPLook closely, and you’ll find that this sleek leather bracelet doubles as a measuring tape! Functionality and style in one subtly unconventional piece for a reasonable $25. 

THE POSTTurn a memorable message into a sophisticated keepsake. A handmade leather postcard that makes a million-dollar impression for $9.


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