The Ultimate Thanksgiving Host Gift Guide

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Host Gift Guide

Thanksgiving dinner is coming up soon, and it’s always that one family member or friend hosting the annual Thanksgiving/ Friendsgiving dinner each year, and you want to make sure that you’re the lovely guest that they made sure to invite every single year right?

Here is our Thanksgiving Host Gift Guide for you to say “Thank You” to the hard working family/ friend or if you want some pieces to treat yourself and amp up the your own Thanksgiving table 👌

The Coasters - Set of 4


Coasters are a must have item when it comes to Thanksgiving, there are unlimited ways to use it and one could just never have enough of it anyways. Use The Coasters for everyone's drinks, for the dishes, and even under candles just to keep the furnitures safe.

The Coasters are made with vegetable-tanned cowhide leather with a laser finish on the side so your coasters don’t shed and could hold liquid well.


The Flame - Candle


Candles are always a go to gift when you don’t know what to give. Since it’s already Fall and Winter is right around the corner, you know everyone loves a good candle burning during the colder months.

The Flame is made with our premium soy wax with the luxurious sandalwood scent which would light up the ambiance and create a relaxing, enjoyable dinner for both guests and host.

The Catch - Catchall


This is a gift for the newly moved hosts that might still need a little help with settling down. The Catch would be the the suitable to give to your hostess so they got a place to put their new keys so they don’t get locked out right after the amazing Thanksgiving dinner and a couple of drinks, oops.

The Catch is made with vegetable-tanned cowhide leather with suede inserts on the inside and metal clips that could be unbuckled which is easy to store when you are not using it.


The Slice - Cutting Board


For those who really want to say a BIG thank you to the amazing chef, this is the item that is a little bit on the splurgy side but worth every penny and make sure you get invited every single year after this one.

The Slice is made with Birchwood, Vegetable tanned Cowhide Leather, and Beeswax to seal the leather. We oil the board couple of time to made sure the board was well oiled and wouldn’t absorb water and smell easily.

Chefs always loves a good quality cutting board.

We hope that this gift guide was helpful for you to shop for your host or yourself, and you could feel good, eat well, and express your thankfulness to your loved ones during the thankful holiday.  

🎉 Happy Thanksgiving 🍗 Shopping & Feasting 🎉

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