What to do When You’re Single AF on Valentine’s Day?

What to do When You’re Single AF on Valentine’s Day?

Since there are already way too many articles for what to do on Valentine’s day with your date, we decided it was time to write about what to do for all of you that are single AF out there since this topic is way more relatable anyways. Am I right?

Cook For Yourself

Tons of restaurants are going to have those “ Valentine’s Day Special ” courses which when you’re already depressed and lonely, you’ll have to see the lovebirds feeding each other while you stuff your own face. Cooking a nice meal for yourself would be a great option, you not only avoid the wait but it is also therapeutic process to prep, cook and enjoy a good meal all to yourself. Who's going to treat you better than yourself?  

Some dessert Ideas that you'll be glad you don't have to share :

Nutella-stuffed Chocolate Dipped Strawberries 

Oreo Truffles 


Go volunteer for something you care, Valentine’s day is a day not only for couples to date and exchange chocolate but to pass on love. It always feel good to help. 

Go To The Gym

Yes, I know, how sad, but it’s time to get in shape and sweat. At least keep your mind off that damn holiday, or meet the people who are as single AF as you are.

Go To The Bar Alone or Host A “Liquor Tasting” Party

You can either go to the bar and drink by yourself and hope that someone hits on you; or you can hold a “liquor tasting” party, only invite the single friends (or the friends that are lonely cause their partner isn't around to celebrate with them) , get drunk and have tons of fun, I don’t know which one sounds better to you but I think the second option sounds damn appealing to me.

There you go, with all the tips from us to keep yourself entertained on Valentine’s Day when you’re single AF. It’s okay, we are here with you. Just know that there’s no shame of being single. I strongly suggest you trying the last tip and let me know how it turns out, cause that's what I'm planning on doing. 

Happy Single Awareness Day! 

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